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For each request a different, random, wordoid is generated. The wordoids are generated from a Markov chain of trigrams of English word character sequences from Princeton University's WordNet database.

A url parameter of ?length=N will make Wordinator generate wordoids of exantly N characters. Otherwise it chooses a random length between 5 and 10, inclusive.

Wordinator also has an API for requesting random wordoids. The API root is:

Each path segment beyond the API root requests an additional random wordoid by word class The following elements are supported.

  • verb for an English verb.
  • noun for an English noun.
  • adj for an English adjective.
  • adv for an English adverb.

Return values are JSON objects with a single key wordoids. The wordoids value is a list of objects for each wordoid generated. These objects have two keys, class and wordoid for the word class and wordoid respectively.

  "wordoids": [
      "class": "noun",
      "wordoid": "hyperanc"

The wordoids generated for the main page are derived from English nouns. This is equivalent to requesting.